Home Preparation Tips

Creating good clean images of your house is not just about cameras and lenses. It is necessary to prepare your house so it looks its best. Generally, the less furniture and items in a room the bigger and neater the room looks.

For the interior:
Remove excess furniture if possible
Make sure all rooms are clean and tidy - the less in a room the neater and bigger it looks
Remove appliances e.g. kettles etc so the benches and tables look neat
Remove personal items such as handbags, coats, boots, toys
Hide rubbish bins
All internal lights working (the internal lights are usually turned on for interior photos)
Maybe try a bowl of fruit or vase of flowers - but simple is best
All electrical cords hidden
All stickers and magnets off the fridge

For the exterior:
Make sure there are no cars in the driveway or parked in yard
Sweep,rake and clean the outside
Remove garden tools, hoses, sprinklers and rubbish bins
Makes sure the lawn has been mowed recently
All outside lights are working
Bright pot plants can help